Line checks are one of the most important procedures you need to complete when getting ready for a lunch or dinner service. A good line check can prevent a lot of unnecessary headaches during a service.
A proper line check ensures that the food quality is up to specifications, the food is being rotated, and that any portioned items are the proper weight. This is not only important to ensure food quality, but also food cost. When performing a proper line check it is important that you taste, touch, smell and weigh all product.
In order for a proper line check to be done, a good solid check list should be in place for each station. The check list should include a list of every item on the station with proper holding temperatures for each item, a brief flavor profile as well as quality points. The proper size for measuring spoons, spoodles, ladles, scoops, or measuring cups should also be listed. Any other utensils or items needed for shift execution should also be listed, such as tongs, towels, pans, sanitation buckets etc…. The cooks can also use this check list to properly set up their station.
Good solid line check sheets are especially important for newer managers as it greatly reduces the risk of not being properly set up for shift execution.